Anonymity Services

DreamEngine provides representation services to clients who have a profile in the media, or would like a mouthpiece, but wish to retain and secure their anonymity.

At the simple end we are a publishing house, representing authors including RP Curtis, Tamara Field and David Baboulene. We have facilities for publishing, photography, music, film and video production, web development and face-to-face agency services. Our speciality is in the representation of ghost-writers and ‘hidden’ expertise. Media consultants, anonymous story consultants, celebrities and their transport plans, organised misinformation, coordination with (or avoidance of) paparazzi, the carriage of goods or providing an ‘air gap’ between the media and the individuals behind the media messages.

On the more technical side, with experience in the security services, we have extraordinary understanding of IT infrastructures and web technologies. We understand fully how your actions and interactions are recorded and how they can be used; be it your mobile phone, debit card, social media activity, payment processing, crossing borders – or combinations of all these trails – they betray you.

Media Disguise. Digital Ghost.

We are experts in removing/disguising your media footprint and fingerprint, your online presence, and removing discernible connections between you and any connection with an activity or profile – even one which you are actively and positively generating yourself.

We are happy to work as a link in a longer chain of anonymity. We work with blockchain technologies and payment can be accepted in Bitcoin.

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Note we do NOT work with illegal or extremist organisations.


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