About DreamEngine

Like so many others, we began life in advertising, taking responsibility for all aspects of an advertising campaign from storyboarding to music.

David Baboulene – Producer

Clients included Callaway (golf ); Catfish (fashion ); Durex; Harmonie (Food); and Soundcraft (music technology); amongst many others.

The company gradually became recognised for its exceptional skill in understanding story dynamics, and evolved into a production facilities company and a small publishing house, specialising in helping develop projects from the story outwards.

Craig Hinde. Production Director

DreamEngine is run by David Baboulene and Craig Hinde. Between them they have more than 50 film, television and publishing credits, including the multi-award winning feature film Homeless Ashes (2019) and the currently Oscar-nominated film White gold (2020).

If you are looking for a safe pair of hands and exceptional understanding of film production, publishing and, of course ensuring the story is the most powerful it can possibly be, get in touch via the Contact tab.